【Health King Ultimate Omega 3-6】 from the Arctic Icy water is known as the best Omega 3.It is a pure, natural and balanced source of complete Omega-3 that passes the strictest quality standards in the world. Containing the highest levels of DPA and balanced levels of DHA and EPA, it is the best and direct source of Omega-3 and is considered as essential by scientists, health care professionals and international organizations, since it is known to be beneficial to every cell in the body and especially for heart, brain, eyes ,skin and joints. Recommended for daily use.

PURE:From the Arctic Icy water, it is known as the best Omega 3.It is proven by the International Quality Centre test and is in line with EU standards. It is awarded the "STC tested" Mark.

EFFECTIVE:Containing complete Omega-3 ( DPA, DHA , EPA). which is the highest content found in nature. It can also be easily digested, absorbed and be effective.

FRESH: It employs the world's leading new environmental-friendly technology, eliminating the usual stench and ensuring fresh smell.

  Suitable for those who frequently dine out, eat meat or greasy food, have social gatherings like parties, seldom eat deep-sea fish and exercise; and those who concern brain, eyes, joints, skin and cardiovascular health and memory.

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